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Short - 18 min

John Grabski III was a drummer who, like many musicians, relegated his love of music to a mere hobby, but when life suddenly took a drastic turn, rock music became his refuge. John was first diagnosed with cancer in 2007. He endured chemo, radiation and multiple surgeries, almost dying many times, but in November 2008 John learned the treatments had worked; he was in remission. John’s life returned to normalcy. Then in the summer of 2011, he found out his cancer was back and this time it was incurable. Rather than let cancer dictate his life, John chose to face reality head-on with a sense of humor and love for life, family and rock & roll. First up, check an item off his bucket list and record a rock album with legendary music producer Steve Albini. Rock vs. Cancer is an in-depth look at John’s final days as he made his way to Chicago to record with Steve. Through insurmountable odds, John left behind “The Strain,” a hard-hitting rock album. World-renowned critic Everett True describes the album as, in essence, “One of the finest of its genre in a decade.” Join us as we relive John’s last days and prove that when it’s rock vs. cancer, rock wins!
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